Alpha Seismic Compressors, LLC offers an enviable history of performance and experience with high pressure air source solutions.

If you need high pressure air compressors from 2000 to 5000 PSI… If you need high capacity compressors from 100 to 2,000 CFM… ASC has a rental solution for you.


Aftermarket services include design, installation, rigging of air and fuel lines, testing, start up, operation, maintenance, spare parts and repairs as needed.

Inspections and certification are provided, as needed. Our mobile fleet is located in Houston, Texas.

In addition to our great selection of quality air compressors, we also carry a wide variety of air compressor accessories and parts. Inventory is ready to ship when needed from our, strategically based, Houston, Texas location.

Choose from low 100 CFM all the way to powerful 400 CFM for bigger jobs. We pride ourselves on being there for the customer with spare parts, replacements, installation assistance and maintenance.

Corporate and Marketing Offices are located in Portland, Oregon

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