ASC 100D COMPAIR-REAVELL 5437 COMPRESSOR - Our Flagship Product

The ASC 100D COMPAIR-REAVELL 5437 COMPRESSOR is the workhorse of our high-pressure compressor rental fleet, with a water-cooled, cast-iron construction they are capable of continuous running without a minimum of maintenance required.

These high-pressure compressors are active around the world for marine data acquisition and other applications – from the tropics to the poles – such as seismic surveys. They are extremely useful and reliable, anywhere rugged environments are found and high-pressure air is required.

Alpha to Zulu Services


As a further buildout of our services to our clients, we work together with them, providing a full suite of air source solutions to meet their requirements from vessel rigging, setup, testing, startup, operation, maintenance, repairs or spare parts. We operate as your teammate.