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Smart Choice

Technical expertise for your seismic vessel

  • Custom design
  • Vessel Rigging
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Start up and Operation
  • Spare parts and Repairs
  • Service contracts


Technical expertise for your seismic vessel

  • Strategically located in Houston, TX

Solutions and Service

The right solutions and reliable energy for your seismic air gun

  • Large inventory selection
  • After market services
  • Cost effective maintenance and service
  • 2000 to 5000 PSI Packages
We provide mobile, specialized high-pressure air compressors for the following major industrial markets:
• Oil exploration and production
• Oil field and service contractors
• Marine seismic vessel owners
• Oceanographic Institutes
• National Testing Laboratories
• Compressed air energy storage (CAES)
• National Testing Laboratories
• Government: Federal, State and Municipalities
• Film and Video
• VSP (Vertical Seismic Profile)
• NAZ (Narrow Azimuth)
• WAZ (Wide Azimuth)
• Shallow Water
• Transition Zone
• Bore Hole
• LoF (Life of Field)
• Rig Stabilization
• 2D / 3D / 4D
And Other

Why Choose Us

      • Fully responsive to your specific needs for reliable equipment
      • Fully inspected and ready-to-go
      • Wide range of high-pressure units for various applications
      • Highly portable for insertion into harsh environments
      • Quotes, references and past job applications available upon request